Putting together an Apple Business Lease

In the last of our blog series about Apple Business Lease options, we look at how to go about putting a good MAC leasing deal together, and how Bluestar Leasing have some great experience to help with that process.

Just before that, however, a quick recap on why leasing MACs makes sense.

In the first blog of the series, “Apple Macs – Buy or Lease”, we covered the financial and operational benefits of leasing your Apple equipment. Financial benefits largely lie around preserving cash flow and offsetting leasing payments against profits.  Operational benefits include getting access to the equipment you need when you need it – and being able add equipment, software and on-going support services all together in a flexible leasing agreement.

We then looked in “Apple Leasing makes sense” at how popular leasing of IT equipment, software and services is becoming in the UK.  This indicates that banks and finance organisations are very open to IT leasing – and they seem to particularly favour Apple equipment for its longevity and reliability.

In the third blog of this series, “Apple leasing for business case study”, we looked at a customer case study in the form of full service Marketing Agency, Toast Design. The blog explored why their Directors decided to move to an Apple business lease arrangement – and how it is still working well for them 6 years later.

So finally, we now finish the series with a quick look at how we go about putting an Apple business lease agreement together – something we have done many times for businesses and/or Apple equipment suppliers.


Step 1: Put together a list of the Apple equipment you are looking to acquire (Macs, Macbooks etc.), the software applications that you need on the machines, and any add-ons or accessories you will need.

Step 2: Consider how flexible you would like the agreement to be. Might you want to add further equipment to the lease at some time in the future?

Step 3: Make a note of what you might want to include in the lease agreement in terms of insurance, support and warranties.

Step 4: Give Bluestar Leasing a call or fill in the Apple equipment enquiry form, and one of our staff can work with you or your chosen Apple supplier (we can recommend one if you don’t have an existing supplier) to shape the lease to meet your requirements.

Step 5: Your supplier gets paid in full and you get all the equipment and services that you need.  The lease starts to run with monthly payments.

Step 6: Adjust the lease in future months as your requirements increase or as equipment needs upgrading or replacing.

That’s all there is to it!

We hope you have enjoyed our series of blogs on Apple business leasing – an area we really like to support.  Whether you are an Apple business user or an Apple supplier, we hope that we can provide a service to you in the near future.

Apple Suppliers:

If you are an Apple Supplier and would like to have easy access to a leasing partner, why not get a quote using the link above or contact us straight away on 01420-481500 to discuss the leasing deal you are looking for.

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