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Equipment Finance Options

We offer a range of Leasing Options to suit a variety of needs –

Finance Lease

This agreement is a full-payout, non-cancellable agreement. You benefit from the use of new equipment for a low monthly payment and take advantage of the taxation benefits. All payments on a lease are 100% allowable against taxable profits. VAT is paid on each payment, not on the purchase price of the asset and there are no large deposits to find. You are also free to upgrade, make additions and settle the agreement at any point.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase, or lease purchase, is available to corporate businesses only or for non corporate bodies where the balance to be financed exceeds £25,000 (i.e. customers who are not regulated by Consumer Credit Act). Hire purchase provides you with similar cash flow benefits to finance lease rental, but all the VAT on the cost of the system is payable with the initial payment. You would however only obtain tax relief on the interest element of each payment and on capital allowances on the equipment, rather than on each rental payment you make.

Stage Payment Lease

This agreement is similar to a finance lease but is used for complex installations that can take a few months to complete. The agreement is activated at the start of the project and you agree that the funder releases payments to the supplier when certain implementation milestones are met.

Sale and Leaseback

Sale and Leaseback is a facility that allows you to free capital tied up in business assets that you already own. This facility is ultimately treated as a finance lease and is a recognised method for raising capital to fund business expansion.

Secured Lending

We are able to provide secured loans to business looking to invest in high value equipment where perhaps the trading accounts do not yet support. The loan can be secured against commercial or residential properties and on first, second and third charge basis depending on the level of equity. Our lenders can use the value of these assets to support a credit application where many other financial institutions have been unable to assist.

Professions Finance

If your business is in the professional services sector then please visit our Professions section. We can secure a range of finance solutions including unsecured loans.

Factoring/Invoice Discounting

Dealing with invoices, sales ledgers and chasing payments can be costly and time consuming. Talk to us about our competitive Invoice finance solutions, we may help to improve your cash flow.

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